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Oyster Bay Lodge Birding

This birding venue always produces something special, even if it is in the wonder of its unspoilt beauty and tranquillity away from civilization. The St Francis Bay Bird Club goes there at least once a year and it is a favourite with members.

The lodge is set on a hill overlooking a pristine beach and a river runs along the right side of the property and winds its way down to the beach making it a home to Oystercatchers, waders and water birds.

Paths meander down to the beach from the parking area, or to the river along which one can walk up and downstream. Raptors that hold sway over the river valley and always include African Marsh Harrier and African Fish-Eagle. At least four species of kingfisher, Black-crowned Night Heron and all three species of cormorant, as well as darter can be found there. Warblers serenade from the reeds along the river and one can sometimes see them from the suspension bridge that crosses the river to the lookout boma. The bridge upstream leads to the forested area frequented by three species of woodpecker and Knysna Turaco.

Olive Woodpecker – Mattijs Ravensberg

Olive Woodpecker – Mattijs Ravensberg

The indigenous bush is home to many unusual species, which include Black and Grey Cuckooshrike, at least three species of honeyguides, five sunbird species, as well as African Olive Pigeon. Knysna Turaco calls often and flash their crimson wings, while Blue-mantled Crested Flycatchers frequent the swimming pool area.

Another super way of birding is from horseback. The lodge has a number of well-trained horses and this makes birding from them quite a novel experience. One can go there in a group, or as an individual and walk, hike, ride, or use their refreshment facility.

Refreshments are available but it would be advisable to phone and book first before a visit 042 297 0150.

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